Walkin' in Sunshine

Despite the fact that the world seems so crazy and different right now – there is one thing I know for sure: I’m SO GLAD it is getting warmer. I have seen so many people getting out of the house and into the sunshine going for family walks and walking their pups. It’s a beautiful sight.

It is safe to say, that the sun is the giver of life. We wouldn’t be here without it. It helps the plants grow, the soil in the earth, it let’s us know when to sleep vs. start the day – I can go on and on. BUT I want to focus on two important reasons why daily sunshine is so important.

1. Vitamin D

Have you ever heard that phrase, “I’m out here getting my vitamin D?” A common misconception is that the sun gives you vitamin D, but that isn’t necessarily true. The sun prompts something called vitamin D synthesis which takes place in your skin. It is a form of vitamin D that is far superior to the vitamin D you can take from a bottle. It is about as natural as it gets. BUT that doesn’t mean your vitamin D supplement is worthless – it is actually very valuable. TAKE IT!

Most people, especially those that live up North with longer winters, are vitamin D deficient. The greatest speculation as to why this is the case is because we spend so much time indoors (and because longer winters = not as much sunshine)!

Benefits of Vitamin D

  • Has been linked to the prevention of heart disease, colon cancer, and osteoporosis.
  • It influences the metabolism of calcium
  • It influences the health of your nervous system.
  • Healthy vitamin D levels will strengthen the immune system.

2. Sleep

We all need it, right? With all the technology that we have access to – it’s really hard to maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

Daytime and nighttime are what controls our sleep patterns. Sunlight creates a chemical response that actually sets your body in motion! It makes you feel energized and ready to go.

Sun exposure also helps your body produce more melatonin – the stuff that makes you sleepy.

Moral of the story? GET OUTSIDE and enjoy some sunshine.

It’s officially spring – in NC anyways. Don’t let the covid-19 pandemic prevent you from enjoying the outdoors. Get outside before you go crazy. You may just get the best sleep of your life.

Thanks for reading

xo Crystal Dee


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