Pizza Dip

Is it just me? Or does super bowl = a day full of junk food.

When you have food allergies, super bowl parties can be a breeding ground for food anxiety. You either have to eat dinner before or be sure to bring a snack that you can eat but you would also think other people would like to! And blah blah blahhhh.

It can be chaotic, but it doesn’t have to be.

For the super bowl this year, my boyfriend (Mike – I’ll probably refer to him a lot in my blog) made a pizza dip that he apparently LOVES and is a favorite recipe in his family. He’s literally never mentioned it before so naturally, I was blind-sided by this.

ANYWAYS, while I was watching him make this party dip, I thought to myself – oh my gosh, this is gluten free and it can TOTALLY be dairy free too!!!! There are tons of cheeses and cream cheeses that are vegan now, soooo why not? (Hint hint, Daiya Cheese)


The initial prep is easy: just chop up the onions, and peppers so that they are easy to scoop with a tortilla chip.

1 – whole white onion

1 – whole pepper – red

1 – whole pepper – green

1 – can of black olives (small can)

Organic ketchup mixed with horseradish sauce (Trust me.)

1 – lb. of cream cheese (Daiya Cream Cheeze is totally acceptable)

Mozzarella shredded cheese (Daiya Mozzarella cheese works too!)

Top with italian seasoning and black pepper

The layers should follow this order:

  1. Cream Cheese
  2. Ketchup/Horseradish mixture
  3. Veggies – onion and peppers
  4. Shredded cheese
  5. Olives
  6. Italian seasoning and/or black pepper

BOOM!! There’s no cooking involved. It’s ready to eat.

Now – do not be alarmed at how huge this thing is. It’ll disappear pretty quickly at the next party you bring this to.

Ain’t it purdy?

This recipe can be gluten-free, vegan, nut-free and dairy-free. 





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