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For quite a few months now, I’ve been a regular customer at Clean Eatz in North Raleigh. And by regular I mean I go there at least three times a week. You can say I have a problem. (ha)

Since beginning my journey in Grad School, my time is limited. Sundays used to be meal prep day. Now – I’m lucky to even get in the kitchen anymore. It’s actually something I really enjoy and miss doing. (crazy right?!)

I wouldn’t really classify Clean Eatz as a “sit down” restaurant, but there are places to sit and eat. In my opinion, it caters more towards the on-the-go type food experience.

Clean Eatz is a very health conscious brand that fully supports and promotes wellness, nutrition and health. In a recent conversation with one of the front of the house employees, they even have a nutritionist on staff that manages the menu and also the food measurements. The word MACROS is used very often here [and I LOVE it].

Okay, onto the juicy details….


I really think the food is good. You wouldn’t think it would be flavorful but just taking into consideration the name of the restaurant. BUT- you would be pleasantly surprised. They have some of their own seasonings and sauces that they have developed that are pretty impressive considering how much emphasis they put on calories and macros.

You have two options when coming in:

  1. Order from the kitchen – you can create your own bowl where you choose your base (carb or veggies), your protein, toppings and sauce. The sizes go based on your portion of protein. They also offer a kids menu, smoothies, dessert bars, fresh beverages and smoothies. Small snacks are available to order too. All of the calories are posted and visible.
  2. Grab frozen to-go meals from the freezer – there are countless options. I could be here all day listing them all. These meals are the same type meals you can order on the meal plan. Which I’ll get into that in a minute.

The place is clean. The “dining room” is small. But again, it’s not mean to be a place where you spend a lot of time.

The meal plans:

This is what has completely sold me on this place (other than a bunch of other things). They provide prepared meals at a ridiculous price. You order them online by Sunday evening and you pick them up Monday or Tuesday. And guess what – THEY ALSO CATER TO FOOD ALLERGIES. I can’t have gluten or dairy and every week they have meals ready for me that are allergen free. You can also request no carb or low carb versions.

If you track your meals [like me and many others], you have full access to the protein, carb and fat values of each meal as well as the calories. It’s just too easy.

For more information on their meal plan options – click here




The staff is amazing. They are all very friendly even though some of them look like they stepped out of a fitness magazine (LOL). But really, I think this is a good thing, because they really live out the lifestyle that their brand represents. It’s a really good representation of the message they are trying to share to the community.



The price is very reasonable. The idea behind meal plans is really economic considering there is NO WASTE (unless you don’t eat the meal) and you can plan out your week more efficiently. You just can’t beat it.

Refer to the link above for a link to their website.



This goes without saying. Nutrition is a central part of this business and it’s something they obviously focus on.

Having a nutritionist on staff only increases their credibility and they are really transparent about the ingredients that they put in their food. Also – the macros.

In summary, you just have to check it out. If you have food allergies, let them know…they WILL work with you as best they can. You really can tell that they care about the community. They don’t only just serve good food, they also explain why it’s so good FOR you.

Thanks for reading.



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