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Salads – also known as the unattractive, boring, and extremely messy entree that is listed on almost every menu. You typically have only a few dressings to pick from like – honey mustard, ranch, thousand island and the balsamic vinegar that almost gives you a cavity.

You get a bowl full of lettuce topped with croutons, fake bacon bits and cheap shredded cheese. It’s just – not cute.

When I first walked into Diced, it was pretty clear that I was getting more than just a salad drenched in honey mustard. {For one, I can’t even eat a salad like that LOL but anyways….}

Diced is a locally owned hot-spot in Raleigh that serves made-to-order salads and wraps. They utilize fresh ingredients to make the most amazing toppings and dressings. Yes – their dressings are house-made. If I know the story correctly, it is own by a boss-lady named Michelle who graduated from NC State {I know this because it was featured on their instagram – that’s not weird right? LOL}. The business is pretty kick-ass and really well done.

When you walk in, you see a pretty cool menu on some fancy screens that gives you options to make your own salad OR you can choose from their recipes. It also shows whether or not they are vegan or gluten free and also the approximate calories in each meal.


Customer Service

Tonight, Mike and I were served by Dan {Danielson} and Kayla. These guys were awesome, btw. Danielson prepared our salads and Kayla mixed them up in a bowl. That’s right – you pick out your ingredients and your dressings and THEY MIX IT UP IN A BOWL. Mike made a good point on the way home. He never orders salads because they are never properly mixed! Having a salad from Diced is the best way to have a salad. They made some GREAT recommendations too.


I made my own salad bowl. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Base – spinach 
  • Toppings- Mushrooms, cucumber, avocado, cherry tomatoes and broccoli
  • Dressing – Chipotle lime vinaigrette mixed with their creamy tahini lemon dressing {both vegan!} 

Mixing the dressings was Kayla’s idea and I’m officially OBSESSED. If you feel like having something different and prefer wraps, Danielson pointed out to me that they also serve gluten-free wraps {I’m so trying that next time}!


Allergies/Food Preferences

Here are the food preferences and allergies that they cater to:







High-quality ingredients = a little bit higher of a price. On the flip-side, you get A LOT of food. The price is well worth it, because you know that you are getting a safe product {if you have an allergy} and wholesome ingredients. Remember – you are what you eat.


Some other products that they offer are at least two brands of Kombucha {which happen to be my two favorites}: Tribucha, which is local to NC and Healthaide. Ugh. So good. I’m pretty sure that I saw some freshly made chocolate chip cookies too 🙂

Here is a link to their website where you can also find their full-menu. There is a location in Cameron Village {where we were} and also in Cary off Kildaire Farm Rd.

I definitely recommend you pay them a visit. Ask for Kayla and Danielson! 🙂

Thanks for reading x

All of my comments are based on my experience and my understanding of the restaurant based on those experiences. Please contact me if I have any detail wrong and I am happy to change any information given 🙂 

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