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Well – it’s May 1st and I have 2 things on my mind:

  1. Sunshine
  2. Tacos

I mean, is there anything better? 

It’s finally getting consistently warm here in NC and the pool is opening this weekend. So, of course, pool snacks are a must. On Saturday, we did a little grocery shopping at Whole Foods and I came across the best tortilla chips….I have EVER tasted.

I am an avid podcast listener – especially health and wellness related channels. I ALWAYS hear commercials for Siete Foods and I have been dying to try them. FINALLY that day came. I’m in love.


Siete Foods

They specialize in grain-free chips and tortillas. What’s the main ingredient? Cassava root (or cassava flour). Cassava is a nutrient-packed root vegetable that is a great substitution for most grains. It’s similar to a potato. Click here for more information on cassava and the ingredients in Siete Foods products.

I picked up the lime chips that are fried in avocado oil. I can’t have dairy so finding a safe brand of corn chips that are lime flavored is nearly impossible. Most of them have whey in the mix.

What’s nice about these chips is that they are very light and you don’t have that fullness that you would eating grain chips. I can’t say that they are completely guilt free – they are still considered a carb – however they do contain some fiber! They are also loaded with potassium.

I had a hard time finding these before Whole Foods – if you are interested in locating these products near you, click here to locate Siete Foods products via their website.

Siete Grain Free Tortilla Chips – Lime Flavor are:


They basically fit into any lifestyle. You would never know that they are anything different other than maybe not having that food baby after feasting on them.

These chips pair nicely with green salsa and guacamole. {as you can see from my picture LOL}

dsc_0373.jpgBon appetite 😉



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