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I feel like I have taken forever to write this post, but I ran into some technical difficulties. My Macbook died and I had to get that repaired. The very next day, my phone had to be replaced also – THEN hurricane Florence happened. Anyways, I am SO SORRY for how long this review has taken.

Cake Cake Cake

I never really crave anything sweet but when I do, it is usually anything that is chocolate! Having a gluten AND dairy allergy can make it difficult when it comes to sweet treats. Don’t get me wrong – there are PLENTY of options available, but I am just extremely picky when it comes to ingredients. I know what you are thinking – “YOU ARE CRAZY!” I just don’t like those added preservatives, gums, additives and emulsifiers.

I strive to eat clean. The less ingredients in a product, the better. I am not at all trying to speak ill of any products that are allergy friendly. They are wonderful and I am so glad that they exist! They were not around when I first discovered my allergy. They definitely make our lives easier {and tastier}.

It usually takes some shopping around to find something that falls within my “requirements.” My boyfriend and I were at our local Sprouts Supermarket when we came across Simple Mills. I read the ingredients in about 2 seconds. That is record time!

I first heard about Simple Mills while listening to the Mind. Body. Green podcast {hosted and created by Jason Wachob} where the host interviewed the founder of Simple Mills – Kaitlin Smith. I really connected with her because a. we are about the same age and b. she has the same struggles I do when it comes to food!!! She just wants to keep it simple. I LOVE IT.

Side note – please check out the Mind. Body. Green podcast on iTunes, you will learn so many amazing health, wellness and nutrition tips. 


I picked out the chocolate muffin/cake mix. There are 7 ingredients and the batter is an almond flour base with arrow root and coconut flour. I also grabbed the Simple Mills frosting. The base for the frosting is palm shortening, coconut oil and organic powdered sugar. Both are gluten, soy and dairy-free!


It was easy to make, but really difficult to refrain from eating the batter. You can tell that this has REAL ingredients. It is not too sweet an very filling. You don’t need to eat a lot. IT WILL FILL YOU UP!


To prepare the batter, you only need water, eggs, coconut oil and vanilla extract. For cupcakes it took me about 15-20 minutes baking time.


The Important Part….

How does it taste? CHOCOLATE-Y! It is very rich. You don’t need much to satisfy your craving. I love that though because you really can’t binge on these cupcakes. {well, maybe you can}

They are absolutely delicious. They aren’t dry and they don’t crumble. The coconut oil really holds the batter together and keeps it “moist.” Ugh – does anyone else hate that word? LOL

Ingredient substitutes!

If you can’t have eggs, Simple Mills published a great substitute chart for their products. For the cake mix, you can use apple sauce or avocado! Click here for the full chart.

The frosting is:

Free of Gluten, Grains, Soy, Corn, Dairy & Gums/Emulsifiers; Organic and non-GMO

The cake batter is:

Certified Gluten-free; free of Grains, Soy, Corn, Dairy & Gums/Emulsifiers (this part I LOOOOVE); Organic and non-GMO

Final product – I know it could be prettier!

Where can I find it?

You can find Simple Mills at Whole Foods, Amazon, Sprouts and most local health food stores. You can also visit their website to look at their store locator. 

I hope y’all will give this product a try. Simple Mills has many more products like crackers, cookies, and even pizza dough (the pizza dough is the bomb and is featured on my Paleo Pizza night post)

If you do check it out, be sure to let me know what you think either on Instagram, Twitter or right here on my website 🙂

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  1. Thanks for including the egg substitute. Can’t wait to try this recipe!

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