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Mexican coffee, almond milk latte, lemon raspberry cheesecake and chocolate mousse

Raise your hand if you have a sweet tooth?

It’s okay, you can still raise your hand – because I totally know that you did.

We all love something sweet. Even if our palette is set on the savory – there is ALWAYS room for the sweet.

One thing I miss is the art of baking. I’m not going to pretend I was the world’s best baker but I really started getting into it at a young age. When I discovered my food allergies – it completely changed everything I thought I knew about baking. Preparing desserts that are gluten and dairy free {or even soy, nut or sugar-free} is a completely different experience and requires a lot of skill. Granted, I’ve become much more aware of the effects that sugar and processed foods have on my body, so overall I prefer something natural.

Living Kitchen in downtown Raleigh has been a God-send. There aren’t many restaurants in Raleigh that offer a allergy friendly experience. Sometimes, you have to dig a little deeper {and write about it}!

Strategically placed on the corner of Fayetteville Street and W. Lenior Street, it is the perfect place to grab a light {meatless} meal, a cup of coffee, a freshly squeezed juice or a RAW dessert.

That’s right – RAW.

What is a raw dessert?

So glad you asked. This means that the desserts are prepared with natural ingredients such as nuts, coconut oil, agave, honey fruit and plant-based milks when applicable. This all of course depends on what the dessert is. The ingredients are in their most natural form. They are also ingredients that you can pronounce.

If you want a meal that is fresh, REAL and creative – pop into Living Kitchen and order every dessert on the menu {after dinner of course}.

Food allergies/restrictions they can cater to based on my experience:





Soy and nuts may be a little more difficult


Here is a link to their menu.

I grabbed this from their About page on their website because it’s beautiful


Thanks for reading! And thank you to Living Kitchen for making dessert possible. See you soon.


All of my comments are based on my experience and my understanding of the restaurant based on those experiences. Please contact me if I have any detail wrong and I am happy to change any information given 🙂 

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