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Hi friends,

Can you believe that it’s already fall? It’s mid-September. Tonight, we went on a family walk and there was a chill in the air. The walk was definitely needed after our delicious meal from Sun Basket.

I don’t know how, but our life has gotten insanely busy. I am still getting settled into a new job while also finishing up my master’s degree. Sometimes when it’s hit 5:00 pm, neither one of us want to cook. Our day usually doesn’t stop at 5. I have started boxing recently and Mike is now back into ju-jitsu. When I was meal prepping with my own grocery runs, there was just a ton of waste. Which I HATE. Nothing drives me crazier than wasted food.

How does it work?

For starters, they have an app. It makes things SO easy. Each week, you are able to plan the meals for the next week. They have to be chosen or “skipped” by 3 pm EST every Wednesday. You can skip weeks anytime or cancel anytime (but why would you want to!?). The meals come to your door on your preferred delivery day – our day is Monday.

Each meal comes in a separate and labeled brown bag. Meats/seafood/etc are vacuumed sealed and under an icepack. The food is pre-portioned based on the amount of servings. The cost is also calculated per serving. For example, when you get 3 meals with 2 servings of each meal, the total is $11.99 per serving – 6 servings total.

Got food allergies?

The good news is, they have options that fit into different food preferences:

gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, paleo, vegetarian, vegan

An important thing to note is that all of the ingredients are housed and prepared in the same space as potential allergens. Cross-contamination is possible.

Prep and cook times vary, but they provide a recipe book that has really clear instructions. You’ll basically feel like an actual chef. And I have to say, the food is just as good as something you’d have at a restaurant. The quality of the meat and fish we have had so far has been incredible.

I really wanted to share our experience because it’s been really positive. I have been so impressed with the recipes and the food allergy-friendly options they have every week.

If you are interested in giving this a try, I can help! You can get $40 off when you place your first order. If you decide you don’t like it, you can always skip or cancel.

Here’s my link to sign up –

I hope you have had a great week 🙂

Happy Cooking.

-Your Food Allergy Guide

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