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Vitamin/Supplement Cabinet Instagram Questions

Hey friends! The other day, I posted a video of my supplement cabinet! I had a few questions so I thought I’d write a post to answer them!

“Why so many different ones [supplements]? Can I get the same from pure foods I’m eating?”

This is a great question. For me personally, I take these vitamins for a few reasons:

Vitamin D: I have a naturally low vitamin D serum level. Vitamin D is also essential for bone health and the immune system. I’m still recovering from a spinal fusion and I need to “make bone.” Many people are actually vitamin D deficient. You actually get vitamin D from the sun; people with fair skin actually absorb it much more efficiently than those with dark skin pigments. It has to do with the amount of melanin in the skin.

Vitamin C: I take about 1000mg a day. It’s an antioxidant and is great for immunity. You can definitely get vitamin C from a ton of foods. I prefer to also supplement with a more concentrated dose, especially since I’m still healing.

Collagen Peptides: I’ll get into this one in a post below.

Protein: You can definitely get protein from a ton of food sources but I am of the mindset of getting a ton of protein in my diet. Protein is ESSENTIAL to our body’s processes. It’s hard to hit my protein goals on food alone so I supplement with a high quality vegan protein (since I can’t have dairy).

To answer your question more directly, you CAN get nutrients from “pure foods.” BUT let’s be honest – we don’t always consume enough nutrient dense foods. Nutritional deficiencies are very common and can cause long-term issues. As you get older, your body produces less of certain nutrients like CoQ10 or collagen — I’ll get into that later. (1)

“Collagen peptides one is recommended for your back surgery?”

I didn’t have a doctor recommend it to me specifically. I actually use both Orgain Collagen Peptides and Lono Life Broth. Collagen is only as good as its amino acid profile. You need a full profile for it to be beneficial. Unfortunately, as you age your body produces less and less of it. It helps with skin health, joints, tendons, ligaments and the rebuilding of cartilage. So ultimately, I thought it would be wise to take this while recovering from surgery to help my soft tissue and muscle repair. I would not substitute a collagen supplement for high quality protein from preferably animal sources. There are many people that believe taking extra collagen is not as beneficial as others think. I can attest to the fact that it has helped me. My nails are stronger, my hair is fuller and I’d like to think I have pretty good joint health. My surgeon was impressed with my bones too! (2)

“Never heard of COQ10”

CoQ10 is a key element in the body’s energy system (in the mitochondria of our cells) and is also antioxidant that assists in preventing cellular oxidative stress. The body produces CoQ10, however as we age – we produce less. I take it mainly to help me have the most efficient metabolism. There’s a lot of great research out there on how it is used to treat several chronic diseases. I would definitely run it by your doctor before taking it but it’s a relatively safe supplement to take. (3) *not medical advice.

“Benefits of Magnesium”

I love magnesium. It’s great for digestion, muscle cramps, headaches and sleep. Magnesium is usually left out of foods that have been processed. So deficiency can definitely happen. I take it before bed to help my muscles relax and not spasm while I am sleeping. You can take an Epsom salt bath too which is another way to absorb magnesium!

“What’s the best for energy?”

Good quality carbs, natural caffeine (especially for morning workouts), CoQ10, B Vitamins. I don’t really supplement my B vitamins because I eat a ton of eggs AND my Hiball energy drinks actually have B vitamins in them. Don’t be afraid of carbs! Just eat high quality carbs that also have fiber!

Thanks again to everyone who submitted questions! I hope these answers help. I wrote this based on my reasons to taking these supplements and why many others do as well. My doctor is aware of the supplements I take – if you are thinking of incorporating any new vitamins or enzymes into your routine, be sure to clear it with your doctor first. I have some references provided below in case you want to read some research articles on your own 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Crystal Dee

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