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13th Taco

Happy Monday, friends!

Last week we had some great weather in Raleigh. On Wednesday, I found myself at Bond Brothers in Cary, NC enjoying some wine with Mike and his coworkers. The afternoon started off really nice but ended up being chillier than expected! Gotta love NC weather.

I am really starting to develop a love for the breweries around Raleigh because most of them have ciders, kombucha and wine. These are great options for those who can’t have beer. Most of them also bring in a food truck every evening for dinner time! The food truck line-up in the Triangle is so diverse and fun.

The 13th Taco

The 13th Taco food truck was new to us. Most places post a schedule of what food trucks will be at their location. Before arriving to Bond Brothers, I contacted 13th Taco (via phone and Facebook) to find out if they had any allergy friendly options. When I called, the nicest lady answered the phone and went through the menu with me (I am so sorry, but I cannot remember her name).

She told me that they use corn tortillas and they do not use butter with their meats and veggies. I WAS SO RELIEVED! It’s so nice to be able to join in and enjoy the food and beverages that the group is also enjoying. For this visit,

I ordered the Fish Tales tacos with no queso. The same woman I spoke with on the phone took extra care in making sure that I had no exposure to dairy or gluten. I’m not embellishing at all when I say that these were probably some of the best tacos I have ever had. The chips were not all greasy and still very crispy. The tacos and salsa both had a delightful kick to them – just enough to get your attention! The fish was not at all dry and still had an exuberant amount of fish oil on them even after being cooked (and not having dairy). The fish and the mango/slaw was VERY fresh. It really was just an amazing dish.

After my visit with 13th Taco and Bond Brothers, I received a message on Facebook the very next day from the same woman who helped me at the food truck. She asked how we enjoyed the food and our experience. Honestly, that just made my day. I really feel like food trucks in general have come a long way in creating a new type of food experience with foodies. They have a real presence in the community and the 13th Taco customer service was top-knotch.

13th Taco food truck is getting ready to open a brick and mortar (Restaurant) in Raleigh. They will be at the Falls River plaza near Durant and Falls River. The restaurant is going to be called “13 Tacos & Taps” and they are hoping to open in January 2019 (or sooner if able).

If you have an allergy to gluten or dairy, you will definitely want to stalk this food truck around the Triangle 🙂

Here is a link to their website and menu:

As always, thanks for reading,

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