Hey, I’m an Orgain Ambassador!

I am pleased to announce that I am an Orgain Ambassador!

I write a ton of product recommendations – some to point out how allergy friendly they are but I also want to recommend products with clean ingredients. Protein intake is so important – especially if you are athletic, older in age and healing from surgery! Truly – it is important ALWAYS.

I decided to work also with Orgain because they offer products that are and are NOT vegan. They were kind enough to send me a sample care pack of their vegan products due to my food allergies but they also have grass fed whey protein and collagen peptides as well. I use their collagen multiple times a week and have really noticed the benefits!

The Orgain Story

The Orgain story is really inspiring. The owner – also a cancer survivor – was inspired to create this product based on his experience with chemotherapy and radiation. Because of his own journey with cancer he was able to create an amazing product with clean ingredients. Check out the full story on their website!

Product Highlights

They sent me a few items from their vegan line which are REALLY tasty.

The Orgain Protein Snack bar

The Orgain Protein Shake


They also have a grass fed protein shake that contains milk – chocolate or vanilla flavor.

Additional Products

Orgain has a ton of products that I will be reviewing as I try them. A couple of new products out there are the simple protein bar (vegan, gluten-free, contains peanuts & tree nuts) and the Orgain Sport line. More details on a separate post coming soon.

Wanna give these a try?

Visit https://orgain.com/ and use my code CDEE30 at checkout for 30% off your FIRST [entire] order.

As always, please reach out to me or comment below with questions! I’m always here to help!


Crystal Dee

Your Food Allergy Guide

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