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Hey y’all,

I’m excited to share that I am a Sunwarrior affiliate! The WHY behind creating this blog is that I know all too well how hard it can be to find wholesome AND great tasting products that accommodate food allergies. The body performs only has good as the food that is put into it.


Sunwarrior has that same belief and that is why they have developed the fabulous products that they have – full of vitamins, minerals, macronutrients, probiotics and enzymes. They are perfect for every lifestyle, especially a plant-based lifestyle.

“Sunwarrior protein is clean and completely free of gluten, GMOs, radiation, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, artificial colors, soy, yeast, wheat, or added sugars.”

Last week, I received a beautiful sample pack of their products. I’m actually really excited about these because every one of the samples they sent me will pair well with my active lifestyle.

The Warrior Blend – Vanilla is the product I am most familiar with and I use it on a regular basis. It’s packed with some really good stuff. Key vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


I love the Warrior Blend Vanilla mixed with ice and cashew butter as a post-workout shake. (Click on the link if you are interested in giving it a try!)

And guess what? It is…

Sunwarrior Classic Rice Protein Powder


Okay, so I have a ton more samples to dig into and I think I’m going to start with the Sol Good Blueberry Blast bar. 212 calories, 17 grams of protein and 16 grams of fiber. The nutrition is off the charts!

I can’t wait to share the details with you guys – taste, texture, and how it helps me kick ass in my workday or in my workout!

If you are interested in trying any of these products: click here to use my link. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the products, their ingredients and the allergens that Sunwarrior avoids putting in their products. Whatever I can’t answer, I’ll definitely find out for you or I’ll refer you directly to Sunwarrior 🙂

As always, thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more details on all of these products.

-Your Food Allergy Guide

Graphics were used from the Sunwarrior website – all other photos are mine.

2 thoughts on “Sunwarrior Products

  1. Hi! What product would you recommend to boost energy and curb cravings?!

    1. Hi Katelyn!
      YES. I would recommend the one that I had today. It’s the Warrior Blend Mocha –

      It has a complete amino acid profile, 16g of protein in one scoop (will keep you full), and is low carb. I mixed it with just water today and it tasted like coffee and chocolate. Mixing it with a nut milk and/fruit would probably be AWESOME too. I had it right after a workout where I burned 700 calories and my body (post-workout) was very satisfied with that formula. I don’t know if it has caffeine in it but I will say that when your body gets the nutrients that it needs, your energy levels will be ON POINT! Would you have it for breakfast or like a midday snack?

      One question I got about it was if it was chalky and it definitely wasn’t 🙂 I hope this helps!

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