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Hey friends,

I know I’ve been sort of MIA lately. I just finished up the hardest class (Research Methods in Medical Literature + some statistics!) so far in my graduate program. I just needed a little break from everything!

I’ve recently started back up eating a paleo diet since my medical procedure early this month. I was feeling just plain awful for a few months so I wanted to get things checked out. {I plan on addressing the results in another blog post so stay tuned.}

Since discovering my gluten allergy, I had to permanently break up with pancakes (ugly cry face) – so I thought….

Then, about a year ago, I discovered Birch Benders paleo pancakes.

Now – almost every Saturday morning, I look forward to a stack of these bad boys.

Birch Benders Paleo with chopped pecans, maca root powder and Applegate chicken apple sausage and a touch of honey


They taste like regular pancakes. It’s unreal. They actually get fluffy and crispy.

Mike loves them and says the same. There’s no butter or milk in these either. All you do is add water.

Preparation tip: I add a little cinnamon in the batter, cook them with coconut oil and a dash of salt to make it taste like butter.


I haven’t had any direct correspondence with Birch Benders, however they absolutely love when I tag them in social media posts. They are really friendly.



I’m really impressed with the stores that carry their products:

Target, Kroger, Sprouts, Whole Foods, some Lowes Foods, not sure about Harris Teeter

I usually buy it at Sprouts for $5.99, which isn’t TERRIBLE considering it’s paleo.


In addition to these pancakes being paleo, they are also dairy-free, grain-free, and soy-free. There’s no added refined sugar – just monk fruit.

What flour is used?

Cassava Flour (root vegetable)

Almond Flour (not nut-free)



birch benders
Click the photo for more nutrition information


Birch Benders also has other pancake styles available such as:


Six Grain


Chocolate Chip

Gluten Free


Sweet Potato & more


Next time you get a craving for pancakes – go to your local Sprouts or Target and GRAB THESE!!!

You can thank me later.

Enjoy x


2 thoughts on “Birch Benders – Paleo

  1. I have this and while we like these, they seem to stay “doughy” or not cute done in the center no mater what I do. Any advice?

    1. I have actually noticed that too sometimes. I think it’s usually when I add too much water. Maybe try adding a little less and see what happens?

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