Holiday Feature: Valentine’s Day Noms ♥

I’m not one to make a big deal about silly “holiday’s like Valentine’s day, however, it’s a sort of sappy day for Mike and I because of how and when our relationship started and progressed Today, He sent me the most beautiful flowers that made my desk area smell amazing. He also had a fun evening planned out.

Most importantly though, I think Valentine’s day has it’s positives. It’s a sort of in your face reminder to love and appreciate others – especially on every other day of the year. 

In this special Valentine’s Day post, I have two {maybe three} local spots in Raleigh I want to brag on. We were treated so well last night and I just HAVE to share the love♥ 



Our evening started at Gallo Pelon. It’s a tequila bar located right above Centro in Downtown Raleigh off of Wilmington St. {That area is REALLY booming lately}

The bar tender was SUPERB. Another girl who was backing him up took my coat and we sat at the bar. GREAT staff.

I’ll be honest – I get really self-conscious when ordering food or beverages at a new place because I am forced to list off my food allergies. Mean while, on the inside I’m praying that they understand and that they don’t get frustrated. {SOME PEOPLE DO!} But not at Gallo Pelon.

Gallo Pelon & Centro are two separate businesses but closely related as one is on top of the other. Gallo Pelon serves small plates and snacks in addition to the tastiest craft cocktails I’ve ever experienced. Mostly using Mezcal tequila {pure agave}.

Btw, pure agave tequila is GLUTEN FREE. Whoot whoot!

If I remember correctly, the owner of Centro has a sister that has celiac disease and as a result, they are very aware of gluten and cross-contamination. Here’s a link to the Gallo Pelon menu. 

We now refer to this part of the evening as cocktail hour with dinner #1 LOL

We tried EVERYTHING. And the bartender helped us every step of the way.

On the left – El Chapulín | On the right – Black St. Claire
Fried Plantains – dairy and gluten free
Tinga Tostones – dairy and gluten free

Plantains are very similar to bananas with the same texture, just a different flavor.

The Tostones are mashed plantains that are fried and I believe have corn flour. These came with chicken, chorizo, cilantro and tomato. SUPERB. I am half Puerto-rican and grew up on tostones. I used to hate them – but my mind has been changed.

HUGE thank you to the bartender working last night at Gallo Pelon for making the first part of our night so special. 

Onto dinner # 2 – Buku Raleigh

This place is special for us. We had one of our first dates here. The food is just unreal. They can accommodate a lot of the main allergies – for me, dairy and gluten. They were also willing to remove the rice from my dish as I am by choice avoiding grains right now. {I cheated a little bit at Gallo Pelon}

They have a great assortment of cultural foods such as Asian, American, and Spanish food. Their cocktails are very unique and the wine menu has a great assortment of wines from different regions/countries. Here is a link to their gluten-free menu. Vegan is also available.

Korean BBQ Bibimbap

Pictured above is my favorite thing on the menu. It’s filled with so many flavors and colors. The beef is so tender, it melts in your mouth.

So basically after dinner, we waddled back to the car and went home. Not kidding, I’m STILL full from all of that food. HA.

I know this post was very VERY long….BUT as you can see, there are so many places in Raleigh that embrace food allergies and will make sure you have a great experience.

If you’re feeling like splurging and going on a food adventure – consider Gallo Pelon, Centro or Buku Raleigh.



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