Natti Bar

What is the Natti Bar?

Happy Hump day, readers!

I received my shipment of Natti Bars this weekend and I just couldn’t wait to try them.

I discovered Natti Bars through my new Instagram account – foodallergieznoprob, which is not even a week old. This is why I love social media. I love food and Instagram is a great way to find new products and new recipes. People are just SO creative.

They are based out of San Clemente California and they were created by two people on the hunt for a pure, non-gmo snack. One thing that stood out to me {on their website} is that they support the 1% for the Planet, pledging 1% of annual sales to support non-profit organizations focused on the environment.

Companies that take initiative to give back speaks volumes to me and also lets me know that they are both confident in their product and also care about their customers.



If you don’t like bananas, the taste may not be your thing. But I personally love bananas. The bar is very sweet. I think it would really match well with some cacao powder or nibs. Luckily, they have dark chocolate flavor and cacao nibs flavor too! The texture is that of a freeze dried fruit. It’s chewy but won’t get stuck in your teeth. If you want to go crazy, you can slice it up and add it on top of a smoothie bowl!

Customer Service

When opening up the package, they wrote me a personalized note with an actual signature. I love little things like this. It made me feel important and appreciated. They also took the time to give me a nutritional breakdown explaining why this product is actually good to eat! As a Grad student in nutrition, I’m alllllll about this type of detail.


ALSO – My order actually shipped out the same day I placed the order. It took it two days to get here – west coast to east coast. It was SOO FAST.


I ordered a box of 16 bars for $31.84. ($1.99/bar). I think this is a reasonable price for such a pure product.


Here is the good part. Bananas are FULL of potassium, Vitamin B, C and magnesium. I look at this bar as a wonderful post-workout/recovery snack. It only has 110 calories. It’s allergen free.

No gluten

No dairy

No nuts

No soy


It’s also kosher and low on the glycemic index. All of this nutrition information can be found on their website or on the box.


Over all, my experience with this product has been great. I ate one before my crossfit workout yesterday along side my RX bar. My workout was intense and it kept me right where I needed to be. No blood sugar spikes, just pure energy.

Thank you to Natti bar for giving me a chance to try your product and recommend it to the world. Thank you also for caring for the planet and the health and wellness of the population.


You guys rock! x

Want to know more? Check out their website – FAQ.


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