Let’s talk food allergiez…

I think we can all agree that when hunger strikes – having food restrictions is probably the end of the world – at least in that moment.

Haven’t you noticed that restaurants, food companies and grocery stores are really trying to be there for the people that have limited choices? I’ve had my allergies for a few years now but they were discovered in a time where there weren’t as many options. Cooking became my go-to and I went out to eat less and less. I must say, my cooking skills were on point!

Anyways, I’m done bragging on myself, HA!

Now that all of these local restaurants are popping up – I’ve become OBSESSED with trying ALL of them! When it’s a great experience and even better food, I just want others to feel as happy and excited as I am that there are places out there with amazing food that can accommodate allergies.

The same goes for food products. I can seriously spend so much money at a store like Whole Foods or Sprouts. It’s ridiculous. But – I love it.

So I decided to share these experiences with you. I can’t wait. I love to take pictures, I love to write and I love to eat. It’s seriously a win-win.

Even as short as 5 years ago, finding out you had a food allergy was like a death sentence to the palate. Now, there’s hope. We can enjoy some really good stuff. And I’m so grateful – aren’t you?




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